In Search of a Dirndl

We’re attending an Oktoberfest themed party in September which unfortunately isn’t based in Munich. I’m very much looking forward to it mainly because I’ll get to wear the traditional Bavarian dress known as the dirndl.

It is commonly worn by older women in the rural areas. These days women wear them mainly to Oktoberfest in Munich or if they work in the tourism industry. I’ve not really seen women in a dirndl in Frankfurt unless we’re eating at a Bavarian restaurant.

I was worried about looking silly in a dirndl and so I went to try them out at Galeria to see if I was going to become a laughing-stock. First, I tried on the women’s lederhosen. Apart from the fine stitches, how silly can I look from wearing trousers eh?

I concluded I look silly in that. It just wasn’t flattering. I wasn’t sure if the sizes were off, but the top and trousers were falling off and I definitely haven’t lost weight. Far from it actually!

With mixed feelings of fear and anticipation, I tried on the dirndl.


This is what happens when you’re not an expert at taking OOTD (outfit of the day). You’ll inevitably crop off your own head. But never mind, the focus is on the dirndl.

It was such a pretty dirndl with a heavy price tag. I love the combination of navy blue and red. As I admired the dirndl in front of the mirror, I thought of making a crochet flower headband to go with it.

And then reality struck me. Something didn’t look right.

I couldn’t “fill” the dirndl. That explained why there were push up bras next to the dirndl. My German friend and I had a long discussion about what girls do in Munich. There must be girls with normal size boobs out there! Or do they make dirndls for flat chested women? It just wasn’t flattering. The dirndl is capable of making one feel small even when you’re normal. That evil dirndl!

I came home wondering if I could ever find a dirndl that wouldn’t have folds at my chest. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, google “dirndl” images and you’ll get what I mean. I don’t want to create a fake image of what I don’t have but all I ask for is that the dirndl doesn’t look “empty”.

And so, the search for a suitable dirndl continues…


18 thoughts on “In Search of a Dirndl

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  4. PYorck

    My German friend and I had a long discussion about what girls do in Munich. There must be girls with normal size boobs out there! Or do they make dirndls for flat chested women?

    The traditional method is to wear the bodice laced really tight like a corset. That way pretty much every woman can be squeezed into dirndl shape. Not all modern ones are designed to be worn like that though.

  5. hey i do think you look pretty nice!! I tried on one too in munich and it looked funny on me. hahah!

    Yes i think push up bras are ESSENTIAL for this costume for all of us.. 🙂

    1. Awww…thanks Michelle! I’m so excited to get my first dirndl but yah, don’t have anything to push up! hahahaa …And I’ll be starting a new fitness regime next week which means “byebye” to whatever that’s left on my top. hahaha

        1. I’m trying out a gym for two weeks starting tomorrow. I used to be with Amore in SG and even though they aren’t as “posh” as those in the city, I was so spoiled! Here, I’m shocked Fitness First doesn’t even have water coolers at their centers. I want to get back into Zumba, weight training for women and yoga!

          1. Fitness First is having a two-week trial right now so I’m checking the club out. Unfortunately many clubs cater to people with proper jobs hence they do only super early or evening classes. But at FF, they have late mornings and afternoons. Just went for my first Zumba class LOL!

          2. Yes! Loved it although I wish we could have shook more. Heehee… Gonna be trying other classes too to make sure I do like the club before committing myself to a contract which I don’t understand a word of.

          3. Nope, unfortunately not yet. Hahaha… Which reminds me I really should get back to studying it. When it’s summer the last thing I want to do is sit in a classroom.

            We have similar classes here too! Ok, I’ll give them a go!

  6. Sonya Lover.

    Not sure why you’d want to go to an Oktoberfest in Frankfurt and not go to a once in a lifetime experience in Munich – Do you ever leave Frankfurt? Anyway, I’m sure you’d have better choice for a dirndl in Bavaria (half hour away to the border) but if that’s too far then the coffee store Tchibo will be selling reasonably priced Bavaria costume soon.

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