Pinterest of the Week #1

I am an avid Pinterest user. I use it to collect excellent ideas for the home, family and friends, holidays, exercise and motivation. Every Sunday, I will be sharing with you my most popular/ most liked Pinterest pins. I hope by doing so you’ll find something you would enjoy or find inspiring.

So, here is my first instalment of Pinterest of the Week!


1. Why did I pin this?

I wanted to remind myself that being stagnant, getting into routines and being consistently in my comfort zone will not get me far. No change means no progress.

2. What’s the old “me”?

When things didn’t go as planned or as expected for me, I inevitably found myself whining over it. I focused too much on the negatives which restricted my view of potential opportunities. I went on endlessly about how unfit I was without actually doing something about it.

3. What do I want to be?

In terms of fitness, I just NOT want to pant when I run down the street we live on to catch the trains. I want to actually STOP complaining about my lack of fitness. Instead, I am going to work on it. I don’t need to be skinny but I am going to be healthy. I walk everywhere with a pedometer now! Numbers motivate me. 🙂

4. How competitive am I?

Extremely. Over the top. Outrageously competitive. I didn’t think so before but it’s something I slowly realised over the years. My biggest competitor is myself. I strive to outdo myself at certain points in life to ensure I’ve not slipped backwards. A little healthy competition is necessary to progress.

Do you also set new goals to challenge yourself? What motivates you to hit the gym or get into those running shoes?


7 thoughts on “Pinterest of the Week #1

  1. I love this post! I used to be an insane fitness addict, right up to when I moved here. I am desperate to get back… steps.
    For me, I´m hoping one good run (this afternoon) will get me back on track, hoping I will remember how much I love running. It worked a few months ago.
    My goal? One mile. I´m hoping to trick myself. Like, I´ll love it so much I´ll want more.
    Wish me luck!

    1. Good luck!!! Did you manage to go for a run? You know what? It doesn’t matter how short the run is. The fact that you ran makes you better than sitting around and not doing anything about it. Let’s get back into fitness together! Sometimes I need others to keep me motivated… 🙂

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