Top 4 Photos to NOT Post on Instagram

Instagram is like Facebook without mundane status updates (eg. “Having dinner with hubby”). I reckon it is a lot more powerful than Facebook, and can be a lot more invasive too. Of course you can have a private account. It is a lot more powerful because photos can convey a message more effectively. Just because photos are very engaging, I have to write this post on WHAT NOT TO POST ON INSTAGRAM especially when it’s a public account.

1. Legs in bathtubs

There are plenty of these floating around on Instagram. Not sure if it’s the bubbles or what. Please keep those long, beautiful and shaven legs to yourselves, girls (unless those belong to men?). What’s the point of posting a selfie of your legs online with secret parts covered by thick, white foam? Actually, my question is this: Why do you even have your phone with you in the bath?

2. Show off six-pack abs

Hats off to guys who worked their arse off to get those well-defined abs. But when every single post is your six-pack, I can’t handle it. I’m not offended by those abs, but I just ain’t interested. But don’t be discouraged if you do this. There’s a market for everything. Just not my cup of tea.

3. Ouch! My toe nail just came off!

When photos of broken toe nails or any injury appear on my feed, it makes the language I speak very colourful. For goodness sake! Do you expect virtual sympathy to come along your way? And when people “Like” such gruesome photos, is it because they think you deserved it? An acquaintance uploaded a photo of not only a bleeding toe, but a photo of her holding that dead nail between her fingers and posing with it. What a painful experience it must have been for her, you would think. But if you could pose with the broken nail and make a “it’s so freaking painful look with a slight smile on your face”, it can’t be THAT bad. So nope, not getting any sympathy from me at least.

4. Drugs

For those of you who have never been to Singapore, you’ll be in for a surprise. Before arrival, you’ll be given an arrival card to fill in your details. When you flip the card over, we do warn you of the possible penalty you might face for drug offences in Singapore. To be precise, it states “Death for Drug Traffickers Under Singapore Law”. It does scream “Welcome tourists!!!”, right? So, why do people post photos of drugs on Instagram! Yes, you’re not showing your guilty face but surely the account is tied to someone? Oh well, you just can’t count on them to have some sense if they’re smoking or sniffing dope (I don’t even know how it’s consumed).

Other than the above mentioned photos, I am actually quite happy to see photos of holidays, weddings, food and drinks, outfit of the day without pouting lips and so on. What about you? Are there any sort of photos which you reckon SHOULD NOT be posted online? And why?




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