Hiking in Kronberg

Merely 30 minutes away from Frankfurt on the S-bahn is a beautiful town known as Kronberg which lies at the foot of Taunus. A quick google search informed me that it was possible to hike up Alt-Koenig from Kronberg and I thought it would be an excellent way to spend Sunday. How difficult could hiking get, right? We’ve walked along the river Thames from Oxford to Abingdon and even on country roads without much difficulty, hence I assumed it would be the same.

We were greeted by a really beautiful park in Kronberg – Victoria Park. It reminded me of the University Park in Oxford which is really beautiful.



Without a map or a clear idea where Alt-Koenig was, we started walking towards the mountains. Soon, we found a walking trail which could have led us to our destination. However, it started to pour. Standing in the woods with rain pelting down on us, the trees looked ominous.

Dan trying to figure out which way to go.
The start of the hike.
Very comforting to know that we weren’t alone in the woods as there were deer signs!

If you have read our short “poetry” (known as tanka in Japanese), you would have known what happened.

Everyone needs to walk around the Old Town in Kronberg even if you’re not up for proper hiking. The town is absolutely charming! It’s very hilly and steep in certain areas, hence I claim to have “hiked” in Kronberg. Yes, I’m a cheater-bug!

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Is it me or if anyone else thinks this too when walking around a sleepy town like Kronberg – “Wouldn’t it be nice to drop in one of the houses for tea?”


5 thoughts on “Hiking in Kronberg

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  2. Birgit Meyer

    good for you Craftymemories. We live in the taunus near hofheim and there’s some beautiful places nearby which people who live in Frankfurt don’t normally see. . Nice blog, keep up the good work.

    1. Haha! I was so scared of getting lost in the mountains in Kronberg. I really should start writing about the German cities I’ve visited – backlog of them. People are wondering if I’ve been out of FFM. Really excited about next year because we’ve got plans to visit other German cities further from FFM! Any tips?

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