Airports of the World

I’m typing this entry while sitting alone at D26 of Frankfurt International Airport Terminal 2. With heavy eye lids and a brain function of merely 50%, I feel utterly bored to death here. I’m travelling alone for work today. Unlike previous business trips when my managers would hold my little hand and introduce me to our counterparts especially when it was my first time visiting another office, I’m a lot more independent now. There won’t be company drivers this time. I’m as prepared as I can be with the number of colourful maps and addresses that I’ve conscientiously printed out last night. Last minute preparation.

My favourite airport in the world is Singapore Changi Airport. This sounds biased, but the carpeted floors, endless shopping opportunities and restaurants, and even artificial greenery create a relaxing atmosphere for travellers. I think it deserves the World’s Top Airport 2013 Award without any doubt.

Today I’m flying to World’s number 3 airport in Amsterdam and I’m really looking forward to it. Little did I know that Frankfurt International Airport is number 11. To be honest, I’m caught by surprise. Didn’t expect it to be in the top 20, really. It always feel so cold and grey in here and I’m not referring to the weather.

The other airport that I’ve flown many times in and out of is Heathrow Airport. While it’s a lovely airport with plenty to keep me busy, it never fails to give me a tummy ache before departure. It’s always so hectic (duh…) but at least there’s always M&S and WH Smith to keep me entertained.

Ok, I’ve ranted enough. It’s time to board! Hope everyone has a good Sunday!!!


8 thoughts on “Airports of the World

  1. That’s so interesting about the differences in the airports. I think it’s absolutely fascinating to see how each airport reflects the culture of the city and country in which it’s located. Malpensa airport could only exist in Italy!

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