Pinterest of the Week #3

How often do you hear people whining about how unfit or fat they are for months or even years but you just don’t see them doing anything concrete about it? That was me. Everyday I’ll complain about getting out of breath after running for the trains and not being able to carry my supermarket shopping. It got to the point when Daniel said “Just workout and get your fitness back.”


For those of us who look for motivation to exercise, we need the extra support. It helps knowing people who are working out regularly because if they can do it, why can’t we? I like to read Michelle’s blog Bacon and Jack Russells where she mentions about her Zumba class and other workouts. It’s not that she’ll write about the classes (don’t we all know what Zumba is by now), but I love how exercising is part of her routine. That keeps me motivated!

It is true that one needs to mentally commit oneself to start the fitness journey. Years ago while I was still at university, I committed myself to that and it worked. I saw results that I wanted. To prepare myself mentally, I’ll look up the course schedule and take note of classes that fit into my schedule. I think of it as an appointment with a really good friend that I shouldn’t cancel on last minute. Once fitness is part of your routine, it’s easy to keep up.

Fitness is just like any other goals you set in life. It could be saving up for a holiday, learning a new language, finishing a book or learning to cook. We just have to set our minds to it and tell ourselves we WILL commit to it, we WILL do it X number of times a week and just do it.


3 thoughts on “Pinterest of the Week #3

  1. hi yolanda, thank you!! so everytime i am dying in the gym, i know i am at least motivating you! hahaha! I just finished a great zumba class today and it is very addictive.

    have a great weekend!

  2. I agree with you 100%. Exercising daily has changed my life to better. I’ve started to eat right, changed my beauty routine, my commuting… etc. It has altered my attitude towards EVERYTHING. Please update your progress. I look forward to reading it (^-^)

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