Say “Cheese!!!”

Say “Cheeeeeseeee!!!”

P.S – just really excited over cheese hence the silly look.

I bought a huge block of mature gouda from Amsterdam earlier this week. It has been matured for approximately more than 18 months. When I tasted it in the shop, its taste reminded me of vintage cheddar that we get in England. Cheese experts are probably cringing and screaming “NOOOO!!!” upon knowing that I said the gouda tastes like cheddar.

This piece of mouth-watering mature gouda is heavenly. It isn’t like the ordinary gouda I get cheaply from supermarkets which are pretty much hard and tasteless. It has a smooth, creamy texture which ensures that the cheese doesn’t crumble into pieces when sliced. I love the sharp and nutty taste that lingers in my mouth.

I made a simple cheese sandwich and it tasted fabulous. Daniel just wanted more of it! If you happen to be in the Netherlands (or if your local supermarket stocks this), don’t forget to get some matured gouda! You won’t regret it.

Here’s the link to Old Amsterdam. You can also get the cheese at Schipol airport but it costs a lot more than in town. I paid €9.95 and it was about €15 at Schipol! When you visit the store in town, you can try the cheese before buying too. The sales people are really friendly and happy to answer your cheese-related questions.

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4 thoughts on “Say “Cheese!!!”

  1. Birgit Meyer

    Hi Crafty, I saw this in our local Edeka today and bought 200g for €3.98. Just out of curiosity how big was the one you bought in Holland? I love the packaging and would make a great gift for someone.

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