1000 Calories per Mooncake?!

Mid-autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. It is a traditional festival celebrated by many Chinese.

Being away from home makes me crave for Asian food more. The saying “absence makes the heart fonder” definitely applies to my love for mouth-watering dishes. When I saw mooncakes displayed on the shelves of the Asian supermarket in Frankfurt, I dashed to the front of the queue to get one for myself. As if anyone else would fight with me over a tiny mooncake.


I read on Michelle’s blog that a mooncake can contain up to 1000 calories! Seriously, why did she only write about it AFTER I’ve consumed an entire mooncake greedily? It must be her getting back at me for writing about Peking Duck in Beijing.


This wasn’t the best mooncake ever. In fact, it didn’t taste any good. However, it made me happy knowing that I could pretend to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival in Frankfurt. It helped me feel like I’m part of all the celebrations going on at home in Singapore.

I want a durian mooncake so badly. Daniel hates durian. However, he doesn’t know any better. I want a cold snow skin mooncake filled with fresh durian. For now, I only have this.


How many calories do you reckon this mooncake has? I reckon anything between 600-800. If there was a Supreme Court that specialises in mooncake offences, I would be found so guilty!

Michelle, if you’re reading this, I did hear you screaming your lungs out at me at the gym this morning.


11 thoughts on “1000 Calories per Mooncake?!

  1. hhahaha yes i love peking duck! so pick your choices… that means no fatty food for you anymore this week. Quota is up! 🙂

    No, just work it off this week. What workout did you do today?

    And yes my voice is loud so I will probably scream at you! haha!

      1. wow way to go! the cross trainer is a lesson in disclipine man.. i dont listen to music at all so it is even worse. I just let my thoughts run wild… haha.

        wow i love cold weather.

          1. Don’t know when we’ll be back next since we just went back in May and I’m hoping to see more of continental Europe next year (budget!!!)

            Going to Salisbury in Oct! Can’t wait to have a break!!

            I’ll definitely let you know when I’m planning to visit then we can go feast together. Or, if you’re nearby give me a shout too!

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