Salmon Linguine with Lemon Juice

I’ve always been fed fish from a young age on a daily basis (almost) but I’ve never been taught how to fish or clean a fish. If fresh fish weren’t so expensive in Frankfurt, I would gladly eat them more often. And when I say “fish”, I refer to the creature with a head and a tail. For now, I’ll make do with frozen fillets.


Salmon tastes so good when seasoned with black pepper and chilli flakes. I baked them at 190 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes. To give it a refreshing taste, I squeezed half a lemon over the fillets before baking.

Before watching tutorials by Jamie Oliver, I never put salt in boiling water when cooking pasta. It makes such a difference! However I only do so if I’m NOT making a sauce based pasta. Very seldom do you find me adding salt in my cooking for health reasons. After boiling the pasta, I stir fried it (briefly) in a pan with olive oil, basil, chilli flakes, juice from half a lemon and seasoned with black pepper.

It’s a really simple dish that I’ve made for dinner a few times and we really like it. Fish… I want to eat more fish! Guess what? We’ll be visiting family in the UK soon so we’re looking forward to fish & chips! FIIIIISSSSSH!


2 thoughts on “Salmon Linguine with Lemon Juice

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