Italian Week

I’m really excited at the possibility of visiting Venice next Spring. Daniel gets 30 days leave a year which is lovely because it gives us plenty of time to catch up. We used to take a long 3-week holiday but soon realised that we then go for months without a break which can be quite frustrating. One of the pros as a freelancer is I DECIDE WHEN TO TAKE MY OWN HOLIDAYS! Downside is, it’s unpaid (duh…).

I have no clue but for some reason I’ve made an Italian meal for dinner 3 out of 4 days this week. This has never happened and I reckon it’s because a part of me can’t wait to get it over and done with with autumn AND winter and just dive straight into spring so that we can finally be on the plane to romantic Venice!

To kickoff the week, I made salmon linguine with lemon juice, followed by bacon linguine with green pesto and beef risotto!




I’ve always thought that cooking isn’t about religiously following a recipe book. Most of the time it turns out fine and when it doesn’t, there’s always next time to try again.

It’s actually quite cool to have a theme for each week when it comes to cooking. Should next week be Japanese week? We both love Japanese food but unfortunately I’ve not had much experience cooking it despite living a year in Tokyo. Those student days were well spent at all-you-can-eat and drink restaurants and karaoke bars.

Have you got a favourite recipe to share with me? Drop me a comment below with instructions or a link please!!! I need new ideas!


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