Happy Friday – Lovely Dog


Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or did anyone else feel like the week went by pretty slowly? I saw this cutesy photo on Pinterest by Mary Jane Fashion and thought it might put a smile on your face. Dog lovers and owners out there, can dogs actually tell the different days of the week apart? I swear Abby (my in-laws’ cat in England) could! She used to wake us up at 7am sharp from Mondays to Fridays but will never do so on the weekends.

This time last year Frankfurt was scorching hot although it’s theoretically autumn in September. I assumed that it would be the same this year. I couldn’t be more wrong. It has been pouring on a daily basis with the sun occasionally peeping behind those thick, dark, grey clouds. It smells a lot like autumn too.

I look forward to weekends a lot although the city is pretty much dead on Sundays. Everything’s closed on Sundays apart from cafes and restaurants in town. We used to moan about the inconvenience. However, after I’ve “rescheduled” my list of to-do during the week, Saturdays aren’t packed last minute shopping or squeezing in malls in town anymore. These days we appreciate Sundays a lot more. You just can’t run any errand even if you wanted to. It forces you to sit back, enjoy some family time and relax.

Do you reckon you can live in a country where almost everything shuts on Sundays and have no existence of convenient stores?


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