Cafe Iroha, Frankfurt

There are plenty of cafes in Frankfurt and we’re spoilt for choice. However, if I want to chill out with a good book without being stared at by tired shoppers desperately trying to get seats to relax their feet, I never fail to head to Cafe Iroha. It’s a little Japanese cafe by day and a karaoke bar by night.

Here’s why I like Cafe Iroha.

1. Quiet
People keep their volume down in this place even when there’s a big group. There’s no loud cluttering noise from baristas making coffee which bothers the hell out of me in other cafes. Iroha plays soft Japanese instrumental music in the background which helps relax the tired soul. Since it’s quiet enough, it is an excellent place to meet up with our Japanese friends for conversational practice. There isn’t a need to shout over a million others who speak aloud in public in Cafe Iroha.

2. Comfy sofas
They are the reason why we can spend hours there. The waitresses never bothered us either even when we’re done with our drinks. Since it’s never THAT packed, you never feel like you have to go immediately once you’ve finished your drinks. I quite like being a couch potato at Cafe Iroha.

3. Drinks
I have not tried everything on the menu but my two favourites are azuki latte with cream and brown sugar (red beans) and macha latte.

Here’s the azuki latte!


And here’s the macha latte which I’m savouring every bit of as I blog away.


I love the hot version of both drinks especially now that we’re officially in autumn.

This is such a great place to chill out on a rainy Saturday afternoon like today with Daniel. It’s my birthday weekend (actual day is next week but we both have to work) and I’m being pampered by having some quality time together! I’m all smiles today!


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