Pinterest of the Week #4


Motivational quotes are rather popular on my Pinterest boards. Unlike reading blogs, Pinterest is a lot more visually engaging. Or maybe, I’m just a very visual person.

The quotation above is my favourite for this week.  It applies to various aspects of our lives, doesn’t it? I might be panting heavily in the gym, dreading the cross-trainer, and wondering when I would drop dead and die, however my body is adapting and developing the strength to a better and fitter me. When I face rejection at work, I try to not let it get me too down (well, I’m only human to feel emotions!). I think of alternative solutions to sell myself better. Whatever obstacles I had to go through in life, though nothing too traumatic nor dramatic, I know I had always come out stronger. Tomorrow is always a better day for me.

For any of you out there who happens to be going through a rough time, I can’t say I’ll fully understand your struggles, however I hope that this little quote from me will evoke some positive feeling.

Enjoy Sunday together with your love ones, and recharge yourself with positive vibes for the exciting week ahead!



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