I Love Quirky Stuff

Urban Outfitters is an American retail store which can be found in Frankfurt. Dan and I popped in there quickly to check it out before grabbing ourselves a drink each at one of my favourite cafes, Cafe Iroha.

UO sells mainly lovely clothes with hefty price tags. I fell instantly in love with a couple of silky, light tops but I couldn’t justify paying €60 for each of them. I reckon I’d admire them from afar and headed to the books section at the deep end of the store. Much to my surprise, there were lots of quirky English books like these…

There’s a task on every page which brings you a step closer to wrecking the journal.




You’re made up of what you eat.


I resisted this recipe book for the benefit of my waistline.

The world’s most famous cat has a place on the bookshelves too! How can anything look so grumpy and be so funny at the same time?


I was contemplating getting this for myself because I’m utterly useless at controlling my consumption of biscuits!

I would like to try this because every time I try to put on an Irish accent I end up sounding Indian.


Conclusion: I love quirky stuff.


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