Muku – Japanese Restaurant in Frankfurt

The thick, grey clouds were low in the overcast skies. The crisp, cold air caressed my cheeks as I placed my hands snugly in the front pockets of my double-breasted jacket. Autumn is definitely standing at our doorstep.

We went to Muku, a Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt, which specialises in ramen. Located on the south side of the river Main in Sachsenhausen, it is not hard to miss Muku as it hasn’t got an eye-catching signboard at its entrance. No signboard, whatsoever. Do not let its simple interior design put you off because this place is a hidden gem for those who crave for Japanese ramen in Frankfurt.

A good, hot bowl of ramen was what I needed exactly to warm up. I love feeling the heat rise up in my chest as I sip the thick and delicious broth. If I wasn’t in a public arena, I would have let out a huge “AHHHH!!!”


I ordered myself a satisfying bowl of Muku ramen with extra char siew for €11,50 in total. The broth was thick (a little oily but I heard that’s how it was meant to be in the past before modern ramen shops made them lighter?). It was rich and flavourful, just what I needed.

Daniel ordered himself a bowl of Tokusen Ramen (€12) which had more seaweed, a slightly different pork-based broth, and bamboo shoots.


My bowl of ramen was already too much for me to handle so I didn’t quite manage to “steal” a few mouthfuls of Daniel’s Tokusen ramen.

I would love to try Muku’s Tonkotsu ramen next. It wasn’t on the menu so I missed it! It’s a speciality of Fukuoka which has a rich and milky broth. I tried it in 2004 in Fukuoka and absolutely loved it!

We were sat next to a table of hungry Japanese men deprived of food from their Motherland. Every mouthful of food they took was followed by comments such as “AHHHH, it is delicious!”, “How nostalgic is this?” and so on. When they heard me scream “Tonkotsu ramen”, they politely reconfirmed the fact with the waitress and ordered another 4 bowls! Mind you, they’ve had prawns mayo, fried rice, gyoza and were slurping away happily their upsized Muku ramen!

I would recommend Muku for its ramen. They do other dishes too (fried rice, gyoza, tofu etc) but our little stomachs couldn’t fit everything in for lunch. I reckon I will have to ask more people along next time to try different dishes out.

You can find Muku at:
Dreieichstrasse 7
60594 Frankfurt

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6 thoughts on “Muku – Japanese Restaurant in Frankfurt

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  2. Judy

    I am gonna try it as well. It’s really difficult to find an authentic ramen restaurant in Frankfurt. I only know the Naniwa in Düsseldorf is good. Thx for the review, Yoyo 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Judy! It’s indeed difficult to find a good ramen place in Frankfurt. I’ve not tried Naniwa before but my Japanese friends told me it’s really awesome! Maybe I’ll plan a trip to Düsseldorf in Nov.

    1. Ramen is very popular. It’s exceptionally popular in Singapore as we have a huge Japanese expat population. Japanese ramen chains have established themselves there. In Frankfurt it can be a hit and miss. There are others but apparently their standards have dropped over the years. I’ll try them out and evaluate! 🙂

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