I always say that I’m a low maintenance wife. I’ve never demanded a bouquet of flowers, branded handbags or shoes (and I don’t own any) or eat at fancy, expensive restaurants. Just because I don’t need material goods to make me happy, I think I’m an easy to please spouse.

On my birthday, I woke up to a pleasant surprise message on my phone from Daniel.

This piece of “art” brings back fond memories, a past we share. When we were still students in our own respective countries, we often used Microsoft Paint to “draw” each other photos for birthdays or simply to cheer each other on. We have never celebrated any anniversaries (because we’re both rubbish with dates) until we got married.

After going “Aww… That’s so lovely!” I questioned Daniel why he gave me “pink skin”. I asked if it was an attempt to be racist (since I’m technically yellow and he’s pinkish). That’s the sort of nonsense my poor husband has to put up with after going through the effort of “painting” me my birthday wishes.

We both had to work yesterday so it was pretty much the usual day until I tried fixing a shelf to the wall in the afternoon. My handy Ikea drill was not suitable for drilling solid concrete walls. So, off I went to the shops and got myself a hardcore “manly” drill which earned me thumb ups from two strangers (a man who was impressed and a woman who didn’t believe that I know how to work a drill).



It’s really handy to have such tools and they are definitely a great investment. Unlike in the UK where most landlords don’t allow tenants to drill or paint their precious walls, we’re allowed to decorate our apartment in Germany. I reckon this is such an important point because it means we can “customise” our apartment and make it feel like it’s our own place. It definitely helps create a great sense of “ownership” and “belonging”.

Germany has taught me the importance and need to do everything yourself. About a year ago, a shop person laughed in my face when I asked if I could employ an electrician to wire the lights in the apartment for us. He spent a good 15 minutes explaining to me how it’s really easy (but dangerous!). I paid 37 Euros for a man to do it in less than 10 minutes. Stupid, right? But it was a good lesson learnt. Ever since we got a drill, I am able to put pictures and shelves up myself. My decorating options have now widened. My upcoming project is to create a little, cosy library corner in our bedroom. I’m quite excited to create my own cheapo built-in shelves using some Billy bookcases from Ikea.


Lucky me was treated to Daniel’s delicious beef risotto for dinner. This is my favourite dish made by him. The texture is always just right. He’s an excellent cook but I dominate and rule the kitchen, not giving him many opportunities to cook.


When I was back in Singapore in May, my girlfriends and I (aka Fab 4) organised a 4in1 birthday celebration. We each had a task and mine was to get birthday cards. However we weren’t allowed to read them till our actual birthdays. After 4 long months of waiting, I finally get to open it! It was filled with lovely messages from Fab 4. Very meaningful, indeed!

Last but not least, I chose for myself a new PJs set for autumn/winter! It has gotten really chilly the past couple of weeks and I always have cold hands and feet. But my new PJs is really warm, fluffy and comfy. Goodbye cold winter nights!

I must have the most number of photo apps on my phone!

It was a quiet but fun 29th birthday. I enjoyed every bit of it and felt the love from family and friends who sent their well wishes from all over the world. Now that I’m officially older and am in my last year of my 20s, I’m going to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy a good book while it rains outside.


8 thoughts on “Happiness

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  2. Birgit Meyer

    HaPpY Birthday yoyo! You looks very comfy in your pyjamas! Perfect for this Autumn wetter. The risotto looks fabulous. Have you posted the recipe before?

  3. elisathc

    Dan is so sweet! and that was such a classic response from you..haha. I can’t bear to spend money on warm PJs so I’m turning the heater up these days instead since I don’t have to pay for utilities!

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