If I Had One Wish…

I hope Germany makes it illegal to smoke on train platforms (and actually enforce it!) and while walking. Always good to hope even if it doesn’t materialise.

Germans smoke a lot of cigarettes1,045 per adult, per year.

There’s a ton of scientific research out there and people, even smokers themselves, know that smoking is bad for health. If you’re addicted to it and want to puff your lungs dead, how about putting some effort to keep the smoke to yourself?

Yes, I’m sure smokers will be angry with me because it’s their right to ruin their own lives. I argue that it’s similarly my right to breathe in clean air in public. There are “NO SMOKING” signs on platforms which have proved to be utterly useless due to the lack of enforcement. On a daily basis, there will be “blind”, oblivious people who sit next to me on the platform, happily inhaling substances to wake themselves up in the morning. I’m then forced to move elsewhere smoke-free after inhaling secondhand smoke.

Smoking is banned at Munich’s Oktoberfest! Yay!

Frankfurt isn’t a huge city. For some desperadoes, they need to immediately light a cigarette as they get off the trains that they’ve been on for less than 30 minutes. You can see their faces light up as they take their first puff. Unfortunately for the non-smokers, you’ll be greeted by that evil-smelling crap in your face. Each time someone puffs into my face I think “Damn it! My skin!!!!”

stop-smoking-300x296Should I be an angel towards strangers who indiscriminately send harmful substances my way, indirectly poisoning me and depriving me of a better and healthier lifestyle that I try to achieve on a daily basis? HELL NO!

Isn’t it ironic that the smokers are still stuffing sticks of inimical drugs into their mouths when they’re already coughing away?

Japan’s another country where lots of people smoke too. Some restaurants have Smoking and Non-Smoking areas barely separated by a thin, artificial wall. However when you’re out and about, it’s not uncommon to see specially allocated smoking areas. People tend to face the same direction too! For non-smokers like me, I’ll just have to avoid those areas. Simple.

Going to town on Saturdays is becoming a nightmare not because of the crowd (partly yes…), but it’s because people like to smoke and shop at the same time as they stroll down the Zeil. Folks, how about stopping at a corner, smoke all you want and then continue with your shopping? I don’t like my hair smelling of cigarettes especially when I’ve done my hair mask for the week.

Bars and restaurants are obviously caught in a difficult situation. On the one hand they need to protect workers’ health safety but on the other, they risk losing customers if smoking isn’t allowed. I’m never too fussed about sitting outdoors during the summer even though it can be very nice. Reason being, I’m either attacked by  wasps or smokers. It’s not really fair that a smoker gets to pollute the air and ambience of a nice restaurant on a warm summer day, but that’s just the way it is. It’s business for the restaurant owners. Nobody gives a shit about my hair, skin or lungs. I would very much prefer to sit indoors anyway, away from the wasps.

Source: The Telegraph

I have friends who smoke, and quite heavily too. However, they have the courtesy to smoke away from my face. I can see the effort they put in to tilt their heads 180 degrees away from me each time they puff. And I appreciate that. We’re all adults and we know that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits (if any) of smoking. It’s their lifestyle choice. I don’t judge them because they smoke. Who am I to do so? My discontentment is with oblivious smokers, smokers who are mummies and daddies puffing into their children’s’ pure and beautiful faces, and inconsiderate smokers.


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