Burgermeister, Frankfurt

A German friend of ours whom we met in Keio University in 2005 visited us in Frankfurt with his wife. They are both experts in the nuclear-related field and are expecting a new addition to their family in March 2014. Dan commented, “Would you call them a NUCLEAR family?” (This is why I love my husband. He drops “bombs” like this on me when I least expect him to.)

With another friend of ours who also went to Keio, we decided to try Burgermeister which is located in Alt Sachsenhausen. I trust my friend’s recommendation as none has failed my high expectations ever. She’s a smart lady with taste – in terms of looks, fashion, food etc.

I ordered myself a Killer Otto which was packed with melted cheddar, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, salat, tomato salsa, burger cream and of course, 125g beef patty. At Burgermeister, you could also have the 200g beef option.


For those who love a massive burger challenge, there’s a 400g version which Dan ordered and he proudly finished it. I have no idea where his fats are stored. Apparently he has an average heart rate of an athlete just by running for the bus twice a day. Nonsense!

Burgermeister isn’t your fancy burger restaurant. Its layout reminds me of a small fast food restaurant but it surprised me with its juicy, mouth-watering burgers and friendly service. It definitely serves one of the better burgers than other burger restaurants in town which I find tasteless and dry – think of McDonald’s cheese burger patty. Burgermeister is actually somewhere we would like to return to even though we usually make our own burgers! Shows you how pleased we were.


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