Pinterest of the Week #6


Are you one of those who hates Mondays? I saw this on Pinterest and thought “Aww…poor Monday!”

As a freelancer, there isn’t a particular day I love or hate. There are times when I’m really free during the week but have to work a few hours at home during the weekends. In fact, most weekends are like that now. Thankfully, Daniel is occupied with Kanji, Japanese shadowing and reading that he’s more than happy for me to be busy.

My “project” for today is to attempt to make some soybean milk. Yes, you’ve heard me right. Found a couple of recipes online which had positive reviews so I’m trying them out. If it’s a success, I might just very well stop spending 1,85 Euros on a pack of soy milk which tastes overwhelmingly sweet and artificial. For some, it might be worth spending the money since it saves time and energy. For me, I was to recreate the taste of soy milk that we get fresh from the markets in Singapore.

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you have something exciting that you’re looking forward to!



3 thoughts on “Pinterest of the Week #6

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  2. Me too! I have a studio at home and am very flexible when it comes to what I have to do with it. Actually, the weekend is harder work for me since my husband is a genius at cluttering the place… (=_=;)
    Oh good luck with your soy milk venture! I used to drink it too but didn’t like the taste. Surely, adding sweetener and flavour decimates any health value, I thought. Please blog about your experiment. I am interested! (^-^)

    1. I sympathise with you. I’ve got a man at home who’s a genius at cluttering the place too. I read about people complaining that homemade soy milk can have a really strong taste too. I’m currently steaming the beans now but I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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