Soy Milk Recipe

I’m perfectly fine with regular cow’s milk which I consume on a daily basis. However I do love soy milk too as it reminds me of morning breakfasts in hot and humid Singapore. I would order a bowl of noodles (mee pok) and a glass of warm soy milk. When I realised that making my own soy milk from scratch wasn’t going to break my bank and could very well be cheaper, I decided to give it a go.

Recipes online are quite similar and here’s what I used and did.

160 grams dry soya beans
1.2 litres water
80 grams rock sugar
2 pandan leaves tied into a knot

1. Soak beans in water overnight. I soaked mine for more than 10 hours.
2. Remove the skin from the beans by using your hands to rub the beans together.
3. Steam the beans for 45 minutes.
4. Add half the beans into a blender and half the amount of water. Blend for 60-90 seconds. Do this in batches so that it doesn’t overflow.
5. Strain the liquid into a pot with either a cheese cloth, muslin or strainer. I used a strainer which worked just fine.
6. Place the pot on the stove over medium-low heat and stir occasionally for 15 minutes. Once the milk has boiled, add rock sugar and pandan leaves and cook on low heat for another 10 minutes.
7. Once cooked, remove pandan leaves and serve it either warm or chilled.

I read online that some people don’t like the raw taste of soy beans. Before adding rock sugar and pandan leaves I tried some of the soy milk and it wasn’t to my liking. I recommend cooking it with pandan leaves to mask the smell of the beans but most importantly, pandan leaves are amazing at making the soy milk extra fragrant!


It looks like hell a lot of work and you might think I’m better off spending a couple of euros getting packs of soy milk from the supermarkets. However, my experience proves that it’s totally worth the effort and time. Homemade soy milk tastes nothing like the artificial, sweetened soy milk you get in Germany or anywhere else. For anyone who has tasted actual, fresh soy milk in Asia, you’ll know what I’m talking about.




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