Nintendo Oktoberfest 2013

Last Friday was Nintendo’s Oktoberfest themed party. For the sake of it, I searched high and low for a dirndl. I didn’t want to settle for any dirndl. In fact, I wanted a pink one so that I could pretend to be Princess Peach from the Mario games. I knew there was going to be a Mario onsite and my ultimate goal was to have my picture taken with him. Unless you’re satisfied with sub-quality fabrics, be prepared to pay a bit for a decent dirndl. I looked in stores and the quality of those dirndls is well reflected on their price tags. Cheapo me didn’t want to spend more than 80 Euros on a traditional outfit that deserves more respect and love, but I reckoned I was going to wear it only once a year.

I procrastinated my shopping and decided to get my dirndl from just 4 days before the party. On hindsight, I’m glad I did. The real Oktoberfest has started which meant that dirndls were already on sale! Hurray! I managed to get my pink dirndl at 50% off for 79,95 Euros.


I’m not a fan of checkered prints. From a young age, I’ve always been told that I look like a country bumpkin whenever I wore checks. What a badly traumatised kid I was! If you so happen to hope to catch Daniel in a lederhosen, dream on.


His t-shirt says “My lederhosen is in the wash” in Bavarian dialect. According to my German friend, it makes no sense because the Germans DON’T put their lederhosen in the wash. It’s something you dry clean.

There was an amazingly entertaining band at the party. They were so talented and engaging. It’s one band that really rocked the house, I thought.


And as though there wasn’t a floor to stand on, everyone had to stand on the benches to party the night away.


The food was really good too, we thought. Daniel has pork knuckle while I has roast chicken. I wasn’t expecting much from the food so it came as a pleasant surprise.

Coincidentally, we were very well-coordinated that night.


You have no idea how many discussions I’ve had with my German friend on how to look good in a dirndl. If you’ve not seen a woman in a dirndl, google it. They all look like they have boobs spilling over and you’ve just got to run over to catch them to prevent them from being splattered all over the floor. A normal bra will NOT do. Not if you send your dirndl to a tailor to fit you perfectly. A push up bra is a mandatory accessory to have when wearing a dirndl unless you’re blessed (or maybe not?) to have naturally mega boombastic assets. If you’re going to wear a dirndl, wear it with pride. It’s just like wearing any other traditional outfit (Japanese kimono, Chinese cheong sam, Indian sari etc). Always wear it right, wear it well and wear it with your heads held high.



5 thoughts on “Nintendo Oktoberfest 2013

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    1. Thank you!!! Yes, they were loud! Although the Nintendo party had other nationalities like British, Italians, French etc there too. I quite like the traditional German songs cos they are quite catchy.

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