Everybody Wants Happiness


I suppose if we don’t experience the ups and downs in life, we can’t say we’ve lived. Yet, everybody only wants happiness and not pain. I am no different.

We never know what might happen the next moment. You could be sat on a comfy sofa reading your favourite magazine only to find your life turned upside down the next minute. And then moments later, all is good again. Life is such a roller coaster ride. It can be scarier than any of the amusement parks’ rides in the world.

Although I’m a Catholic who stopped going to church when I was told God is omnipresent, I’ve never doubted His existence. When the going gets tough and I’m told “whatever will be, will be”, I talk to God and ask for the strength and comfort that I need. That’s when I realised that I never knew how strong I could be until being strong is my only option.

When the heart splits, it doesn’t merely ache. I wished it ached because some deep heat might cure it… just like any other muscle aches. However, when the heart breaks, it feels as though a part of it died. Still, the world moves on (people chatting happily on the trams, shopping, laughing, eating etc) while yours come to a standstill and the only things in motion are the endless tears streaming down your face.

When it feels like I’m going through a storm, I’m ever so blessed to have my silent pillar of rock sheltering me – Daniel. Without a single word, this man shows me the wonders of life even if a part of him is aching as much (or even more) as mine.

I would like to think that we’ve braved the storm. And now, I’m looking forward to finding that little rainbow.


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