Goodbye British Summer Time


We’ve again come to that time of the year. The time when we realise we’ve gained an hour of sleep on Sunday night because the clocks fall back an hour at the expense of decent daylight hours.

Every year Daniel and I moan about autumn and winter. He dreads the cold and darkness. I’m not too bad with the cold but when darkness falls upon us at 4pm, I find myself desperately searching the web for a warm holiday. Ironically, the holidays are usually booked for Spring and Summer which so happen to be the best seasons in Frankfurt.

I don’t think anyone who hasn’t experienced short daylight hours for approximately 6 months year after year can truly understand how the lack of sunshine sucks the life out of some people. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a recognised medical condition in the UK which affects nearly 2 million of its population and over 12 million in Northern Europe! That’s a freaking huge number! Some people do suffer really badly. A guy I spoke to last year was so badly affected (and he was ill too) that he felt that he was better off dead!

I never liked to underestimate how negative or unhappy people might feel in winter. Neither do I like it when others think that we’re just making a fuss over the cold and darkness. Fortunately for us, we are capable of finding ways to keep ourselves entertained and support each other. However, I know there are others out there who feel terrible at this time of the year.

To combat Winter Blues isn’t as simple as picking up a new craft, unfortunately. It’s about getting out there to get the right amount of sunlight our bodies need. Fingers crossed that there’ll be plenty of sunshine during the day (even if it’s only for a short number of hours) so that we can get our little dose of happiness and sanity this winter.

If you so happen to know someone with SAD, however mild or severe, do lend a little kindness and be their sunshine.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye British Summer Time

  1. Oh no, Is it this weekend? It’s only an hour but the trick it plays on us is significant, isn’t it? All of the sudden, a day gets much shorter and darker. Fortunately, I am not affected by the seasonal change but I do know the people who get really miserable because of it. For me, it is a time to take up reading or spending more hours on knitting. Curling up with a hot drink in my palms and looking forward to shuffle home with a light like a beacon. You never see any light without darkness, do you? It’s a nesting season. I will try harder to embrace it. And so do you (& Daniel)! (^-^)

    1. Thanks for injecting some positive vibes into me! I’ve picked up a hobby this winter – crochet! Making a blanket now. My side project is to crochet a basket to store all my yarn cos they’re all still in plastic bags! Now that the clock’s fallen back, I woke up to a blue sky today. Not so bad, I reckon.

      1. Yes, knitting is a brilliant thing you can when the weather is not great! One great thing about knitting & crocheting is you can do it whenever & wherever you want. Unlike sewing, which takes full space and attention, knitting can be possible while watching TV or even at cinema! I’d love to see the fruit of your labour. Keep your fingers busy! (^_<)

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