Crochet Basket


I love picking up new skills such as crochet. A great sense of satisfaction overwhelms me when I see the finished product. It’s simply amazing how manipulating some yarn can turn into something functional.

I’m an absolute beginner who’s still trying to figure out patterns and even basic stitches. However I do love the challenge to create something I like. Hence, I made this crochet basket that’s available on Crochet in Colour.

I still get confused with simple things like front and back loops, and I definitely made some mistakes along the way (that’s why my basket looks different to the one in Crochet in Colour). However, I think it’s important that I get on with it and keep practising.

I love multi-coloured yarn. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to select individual colours to ensure they match. I’m terrible at colour coordination anyway.

What do you think of my basket for a beginner?


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