Fried Carrot (Radish actually) Cake


I was desperate to have one of Singapore’s signature dishes, fried carrot cake. It’s actually made out of Chinese radish but we call it fried carrot cake. Since it’s a Teochew cuisine, I had to use a recipe from The Little Teochew. I followed the recipe religiously since it was my first attempt except for the amount of thick sweet sauce used. I went a little bananas with it because I really like my fried carrot cake BLACK.

I was afraid that I couldn’t get hold of preserved turnips (chye poh) and Michelle from Bacon and Jack Russells was so sweet to offer to send it to me if I couldn’t find it. Fortunately, the Asian supermarkets here are well stocked. Got my chye poh!

Craving satisfied and I’m now a happy woman.


11 thoughts on “Fried Carrot (Radish actually) Cake

    1. There are two versions – white and black. Usually we add spring onions too but I forgot all about it when shopping. It does taste just like daikon since that’s the main ingredient used and it only looks like a “cake” because we add rice flour and water to it. It’s crispy on the outside but soft inside. The black version is sweet since we add thick black sauce to it. Depending on the type of chye poh (preserved turnip) used, it can also be sweet or salty. I prefer salty chye poh, but the supermarket ran out of it. We can also make the “daikon cake” with dried shrimps and other ingredients before frying it. They usually serve them at dim sum restaurants.

        1. Not sweet if it’s the white version. Sweet if it’s the black version. It’s definitely not like western carrot cakes. When you have dim sum next, try to see if you can find 菜头糕 on the menu. It goes really well with some chilli!

        2. Actually, I did some online research and found out that it’s probably more commonly known as 蘿蔔糕 (Luo Bo Gao) at dim sum places. The Imperial China London restaurant calls it Turnip Paste Pudding – Radish cake.

  1. hahaha, i am glad you managed to find it! Who knew you can find chai poh in Frankfurt? Anyhow let me know if you need anything from SG. I can always send it to you, no problem!!! 🙂

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