Coming Soon … May 2014!!!


Sep 2005: We met in Japan.
Jan 2009: Dan moved to Singapore.
Nov 2009: We got married in an Irish Pub in Singapore.
Apr 2010: I moved to Oxford.
Jul 2011: We held a Church Blessing ceremony and exchanged rings.

May 2014: We will be bringing home our little darling!

All very exciting for us and our families. I’m currently in my 12th week + 5 days which the gyn calls 13 weeks. For the past 8 weeks we’ve been keeping this little secret to ourselves since the risk of miscarriage is ever so high in the first trimester. We were so glad to see the little one (nicknamed Bao which means bun) yesterday and hear its galloping heartbeat.

Here’s Bao’s development since week 5. It’s amazing how much it has grown!


Week 5: Yay! We’re finally going to be papa and mama!

Week 6: Cramps, and more cramps. Worried when reading baby centre. Curry stinks like hell!

Week 7: Never been so exhausted! An emotional wreck. Saw baby’s heartbeat pulse for the first time. Put our minds at ease to know it’s growing well.

Week 8: A relaxing and enjoyable week back in the UK to visit our new beautiful niece.

Week 9: Gyn said no heartbeat. Devastated!!! But the hospital gyn found it!!! It was really fuzzy on the ultrasound since blood was covering the baby and it was so easy to miss its slow heartbeat. On progesterone which made me fatigue. Found two bleeding spots but doctor wasn’t too concerned.

Week 10: Heard baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Sounds like horses galloping! Strong and fast! Home rest and no exercise for the next 4 weeks. Feeling a lot more energetic. Magnesium supplements to deal with stitch-like pains at night which I swear are so painful! A quarter of the journey completed!

Week 11: Strong cravings for SG cuisine! Just looking at photos makes me hungry. Since I was unable to stand up for longer than 15 mins without feeling any pain, I got addicted to biscuits. Crochet a basket to keep yarn balls. Planning to make square ones to compartmentalise baby’s drawers. Given what happened to Bao in week 9, we’re now paranoid parents-to-be. Any sign of spotting and pain guarantee us sleepless nights. We’re constantly worried about Bao.

Week 12: Extremely sore lower left rib, as though I’ve dislocated it. Vivid nightmares of Asian girl eating her own head. I tried to stop her and she chewed on my hands! I waved my hands up in the air and screamed out loud for help. Thankfully Daniel woke me up.

Saw Bao again on the ultrasound! It’s now 5cm long with a regular heartbeat! Home rest has been extended for another 3 weeks before we get to see Bao on our wedding anniversary! Woohoo!!!

We’re really thankful to those who had us and Bao in their thoughts and prayers since Week 9. We’re also very grateful for all the well wishes and excitement we received from family and friends. I’m sure Bao’s going to be so loved as he/she already is.


15 thoughts on “Coming Soon … May 2014!!!

  1. p.sawyer

    Hi, I found your blog while searching for information on being pregnant in Germany! So glad to have found a Singaporean blogger.

    I will be moving to Germany with my new husband later this year (he got posted on a 3 year contract to Bremen) and while I’m not pregnant yet, starting a family is on my mind. Just wondering if it’s easy to go through the pregnancy if I don’t speak German? I’m concerned with the language barrier and also the costs (I suppose it will be covered by medical insurance?)

    1. Hiya! Great to hear from you 🙂 you nust be very excited about the move. Is your husband German?

      I’m not particularly sure how international Bremen is, but it wasnt an issue for me in Frankfurt. My gyneacologist, midwife and other doctors speak English. They only stopped speaking English when it was an emergency for me and my baby! My husband is british and is locally hired. We are both covered by the compulsory State insurance. Hence i didnt pay a single cent out of pocket for all the medical treatment i received before, during and after birth.

      Have you tried the Singaporeans in Germany Facebook Page? We’re quite active there. You might find someone in Bremen?

      1. p.sawyer

        Hi Yoyo! My husband is Singaporean too so I’m a little apprehensive about how things will work out for both of us there, seeing that neither of us speak any German apart from the usual pleasantries like “danke”.

        I’ve just joined the SGinDE group on Facebook, but I think Bremen is a little off the grid for Singaporeans. Nevertheless, it’s comforting to know many other Singaporeans who are in Germany. I guess my transition will be much smoother since I know I have a support group. 🙂

        Your baby looks so cute! And I realised quite a number of mothers like to call their baby “bao” too! 😀

        1. Thank you! It has been ages since I called Theo “bao”.

          You’ll be fine in Germany. I personally love the medical system here. Had a slightly complicated pregnancy, emergency birth and Theo had to have extra treatment after birth etc for his feet but we’re all in good hands. And we dont speak German!

          Unlike in SG, you’ll need a midwife AND a gyn. It’s easy finding an english speaking gyn, but for midwives you might need to ask around. They arent mandatory. A SG friend who lives here (husband posted here) didnt engage the services of midwife as she had her family come over to help. I loved my midwife because she’s just so Zen-like – sometimes it’s just good having an outsider and not your own mum telling you what to do.

          Dont worry about it too much. I know moving to another country can be stressful snd daunting. But it’s great here!

  2. Rachel Dong

    Congrats from China!!! My due date is Dec 17, really coming soon! So envy you could see ultransound pic of your baby, I don’t even know my baby’s gender~ waiting for the surprise~ Take care! Long way to go!

    1. Congrats Xiao Dong!!! And thank you for the well wishes! I’m sure you’ll be in the a surprise. So how are you getting ready for the baby? Not knowing the gender means you can only buy gender-neutral clothes for now? So exciting!!!

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