Fujiwara Japanese Restaurant – Take 2, Frankfurt

I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing that the gynaecologist clinic is a 2 minutes walk from Fujiwara restaurant. Never in my life have I craved so badly for Japanese food, especially sashimi. Before any of you pounce on me and warn me to abstain from sashimi, I’m well aware of the risks. So I’ve been good. I just sulk when I see others enjoying their sashimi set lunch.

After a positive check up, we decided to have lunch at Fujiwara. Afterall, we haven’t been there since Daniel’s birthday last year. I ordered myself a tempura set lunch which consisted of deep fried prawns and vegetables.


It costs €14 and was incredibly delicious! And I love Japanese salad dressing!

Daniel had tori karaage (again!) and Fujiwara has proved itself by keeping up its standards. It tasted just as good as before.


I think I’m obsessed with Fujiwara. It’s one of the best Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt. Definitely way much better than Sushimoto who treated me like crap and served me awful teriyaki chicken for lunch a few weeks ago.

Every wedding anniversary, Daniel and I hold a “meeting” between us to discuss our “achievements” as a couple and our future ahead. It’s like a family meeting but this 28th Nov is the first meeting as a family since we have Bao with us. Last year we held our meeting in Gusto Family restaurant in Tokyo and this year we decided on Fujiwara! I’ll try something else on their menu next – hopefully Unaju (eel) will be back on the menu.


One thought on “Fujiwara Japanese Restaurant – Take 2, Frankfurt

  1. Sorry about you having to give up favourite food. I know it’s hard especially when the caving gets strong. The tempura and karaage look good though. I love Japanese style salad dressing too. Was it ginger flavoured?

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