Upcoming Frankfurt Christmas Market

The Frankfurt Christmas Market starts next Wednesday, 27th November 2013. I’m sure I’m not the only soul who’s getting all excited. Christmas is one of my favourite festive seasons. It’s a season of giving, plenty of family time and plenty of delicious food to feast on. However, this Christmas is slightly different for us. We aren’t able to spend Christmas in Oxford since no one will sell me travel sickness pills because I’m pregnant and most importantly, Bao really doesn’t like mama to move around much AT ALL.

The only time Dan and I spent Christmas together alone was back in 2005 in Tokyo when we were still students. It was probably very difficult for him since it was his first Christmas away from his family. On the contrary, I was still exhilarated from being away from home for an extended period of time. We sat on the green couch in the dormitory watching Eric Clapton together. This year, it will be the two of us alone in our little apartment in Frankfurt with Bao hiding elsewhere.

To get into the Christmas spirit, I thought it would be really nice to get some goodies and decorations from the Christmas Market from next week onwards.

Photo 30-11-2012 20 23 55
Beautifully crafted candle holders. I love their looks when they’re lighted up.
Photo 30-11-2012 21 04 07
Star lamps to hang in the living room. They’re so pretty!!!
Photo 30-11-2012 19 58 10
Popcorn to munch on as we plough through DVDs over Christmas!
Photo 30-11-2012 21 15 07
Sweets and chocolates to maintain a high energy level!
Photo 30-11-2012 20 38 49
A few wood craft decoration to add to the Christmas atmosphere at home.

There will be plenty more to see at the Christmas Market apart from the above photos, of course. I’ll be sure to share more once it starts!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Frankfurt Christmas Market

  1. Oh gosh we ❤️ the same stuff!!! I love Xmas markets! I love the candle holders and the candy! I don’t like chocolates but oh god I love candy.

    Show me what u buy!!!

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