Our First Purchase

The past 3 weeks felt like forever. We couldn’t sleep well as we were overwhelmed with mixed emotions of fear, excitement and worry from not seeing Bao. In Germany, insurance covers 3 scans throughout the pregnancy (one in each trimester) unless there’s a medical condition that calls for more scans. In a way, I feel that my gynaecologist is taking good care of me by checking me each time which is all covered by insurance so far.

As the pregnancy stabilises, I’ve been given the option to purchase an Ultrasound Service Package so that I get a scan each time. From speaking to friends who have given birth in Singapore, there are obviously major differences between the two healthcare systems. I suppose I’ll feel more at ease as Bao starts kicking up a fuss in me but we absolutely love waving to him every 3 weeks, hearing his heartbeat and having a professional doctor tell us he is growing well. I don’t think I can ever relax since I’ve been told once that he was dead!

On 28th Nov, which was also our 4th wedding anniversary, we had our 16 week scan. Bao’s now 16cm long (head to feet) and weighs 120g. Funnily enough, our little one flashed at us!


He didn’t like being poked around and kept moving a lot. However, he did turn to give us a big wave!


Many mums have been telling me it’s too early to tell its gender at 16 weeks since most gender scans are only carried out in Singapore and the UK between 20-22 weeks. Hence, friends are saying “be prepared for a girl!” Here’s my take – a doctor can never be 100% sure. Chances of getting it right is of course higher as the pregnancy progresses, that’s why we have multiple scans. For the time being, we’re just going to enjoy the moment. If it decides it will be a girl, so be it as long as Bao’s healthy.

Being excited parents, we made our first compulsive purchase. We are trying not to go crazy with baby clothes shopping since they grow super super fast. Also, babies are pretty good at pooing on nice outfits. Hence, I’ve created an “Inventory List for 0-3 months” to keep track of the essentials we need/ have.


It goes so well with the crochet blanket I’m currently working on and I can’t wait to share it here!!!


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