Roast Chicken (The Half-arsed Jamie Oliver Way)

You’ve probably read my previous posts to know that we’ll be spending Christmas in Frankfurt this year all by ourselves. It also means it will be the first time in my life that I’ll be making Christmas dinner. Be it in Singapore or Oxford, we’re always guaranteed scrumptious meals specially cooked by our families. How spoilt we are! To avoid ruining Christmas dinner, I decided to do a test run on Sunday by making roast chicken.

Yes, traditionally most people will be digging into big, fat turkeys. There are only two of us and I really cannot be bothered to queue or place an order for one. I want to spend Christmas relaxing with Daniel, listening to Christmas carols and being couch potatoes. I am not up for spending half a day in the kitchen. Hence, I decided on making roast chicken.

Of course Google’s top result will be a Jamie Oliver recipe – Perfect roast chicken. I do find myself avoiding recipes from celebrity chefs because 99% of the time their recipes are just far too fancy and complicated for my liking. However, this recipe has proven otherwise.


I tweaked the recipe by spreading herb butter under the skin of the chicken and added some dried thyme with the bunch of fresh rosemary and lemon in the chicken’s cavity.

The result is a crispy-skinned chicken that’s really juicy on the insides. Jamie Oliver didn’t lie about that!

So why did I call it half-arsed?

I got tired in the evening from walking around the Christmas market and couldn’t be bothered to make roast potatoes. I would have put in the extra effort if I had mint sauce, the magic that makes roast potatoes taste heavenly, to go with them. Taking the easy way out, I threw some garlic bread in the oven to serve with the perfect chicken roast.


Hopefully on Christmas Day I’ll gather some energy to serve the roast chicken with homemade Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

But seriously, this recipe is amazing! Give it a go if you have the time!


4 thoughts on “Roast Chicken (The Half-arsed Jamie Oliver Way)

  1. The chicken looks really delicious!! You’ve done it very well. The only experience with a celebrity recipe I tried was by Moroccan lamb stew by Nigella Lawson (!). The stew turned out too rich for my liking. Her recipe was too fancy for me…X

  2. Pete Schofield

    Chicken? mint roast potatoes? yorkshire pudding? Sounds very unconventional for Christmas lol. You’ll be surprised but a small goose, with chestnut stuffing, sprouts sauteed with bacon will take no-longer to cook but I suppose everyone to their own and I wish you a happy Christmas.

    1. Thank you!! I love chestnut stuffing! Any idea where I can get it in Germany (if you live here?) I totally forgot about sprouts which I love too. That shall go on the cooking list. Very unconventional but then again, we’ve had even an Indian feast for Christmas in Singapore! Hehe… Happy Christmas to you too! 🙂

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