E-commerce Gone Wrong

On hindsight, yesterday was one of those days when I should have just focused on studying German and not bother with grocery shopping or getting Christmas gifts. It turned out to be an absolute waste of my time.

Fine with not being able to get food shopping sorted since the supermarket is just round the corner (but I didn’t want to be carrying heavy stuff). However, I was gutted that Amazon Japan doesn’t ship any games or consoles internationally. It’s not as if I’m trying to import meat into this country. I then spent a good hour or so reading forums to see how I can get my hands on Japanese games. Quite a lot of people suggested Playsasia.com. It seems fairly reliable and they’ve had great reviews. However, €120 more than what I would have paid on Amazon Japan?!?!

I guess most people would fork out the money to get hold of the stuff they cannot get domestically. However, I cannot convince myself to pay €120 more than what it’s actually worth.


2 thoughts on “E-commerce Gone Wrong

  1. Did you try this site? http://www.tenso.com/en/
    I’ve used their service a couple of times and they are reliable and fast. Just register & obtain your Japanese address at this depo and arrange all of your internet shoppings to be sent to there. They will inform you as they receive your shopping. And once the items are ready, they will send the shopping in one bundle. X

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