Sweetness Overloaded

Confession: We went a little overboard on 23rd December by buying lots of chocolates and crisps.


Daniel turned into the junk food aisle and screamed, “OH MY GOD!” I turned my head swiftly and mega packs of Walkers caught my immediate attention. Without any hesitation, I grabbed two packs off the shelves and threw them in our shopping trolley. Happy people we were. €6 per pack!?! Heck it, cos it’s Christmas.

Prior to Christmas I practised cooking a good roast. I reckon I cooked it about 3 – 4 times and I was so sick of cooking it for Christmas Day. And as I’ve been all achy and the growing belly has already caused me to lose sleep at night, we decided to make something unconventional. Now, there will be some out there who judge and say “that’s sooooo not an Xmas dinner!” but I’m Singaporean and we eat NOT only turkey on Christmas. Curry chicken, bee hoon, honey baked ham, potato salad, chilli crabs, rendang etc…. are part of my family’s usual Christmas feast.

Japanese Chicken Curry Rice it was!!!

I do not know of any Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt that does a wicked curry rice so this was a treat for me. The recipe was taken from justonecookbook.com and it tasted so good!!!

We snacked a lot over Christmas. It’s my first Christmas where I don’t have to think about whether I’ll still fit into my skinny jeans. However by the 27th I was struck hard by guilt. I felt like I was feeding Bao junk! I was reminded of the times I judge parents who feed their babies/ toddlers macdonalds! Hence, I started policing the amount of sweet and savoury snacks I have in the day.

To begin with, I made myself ABC soup to “cleanse” my system.

I didn’t even want any salt or stock cubes in my soup. So I bought some drumsticks and simmered the soup for about an hour and added tomatoes, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, potatoes and carrots to sweeten it. Heavenly it was. As it was so light for the stomach to digest, I finally had a pain-free night!

Coincidentally, a girlfriend sent me the What to Expect: Eating Well when You are Expecting book for Christmas. Handy!!!!


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