Ginza Matsunaga, Frankfurt

I was in need of a haircut. Heaven knows why I left it for 7 months since my last haircut. Being probably the most hard to please, fussy customer when it comes to haircuts, I fear trying new salons or even new stylists out.

I used to go to kpoch at MyZeil for a good a-line bob cut by Irena. However, she’s NO longer there!!!! I don’t trust the other stylists there. I tried a Master stylist once and nearly cried on my way home.

So I went to Ginza Matsunaga, a Japanese salon, in town. I was pleased with their last service and thought they’re probably more aware of how to style one of those “oh so cute” hairstyles you find in Japanese magazines. While I think Jennifer Aniston has a wicked long bob, I can’t picture it on me because we have very different features. Hence I tend to bring in photos of Asian looking models instead of western ones – not being racist.


That’s me enjoying the hair mask service which is part of the package. A cut, wash, blow and massage/hair mask costs €45 at Matsunaga. That’s really reasonable given that Kpoch charges me €78! The hair mask left my hair feeling really moisturised and smelt really good later. Definitely needed to be pampered.

I convinced myself not to cut a fringe because my hair is stubbornly straight. Western girls have commented on how great that must be since I don’t need straighteners. True, but they do fall flat! I haven’t mastered the courage to even do the slightest perm so that I get wavy hair. I’m happy with my straight hair and if I want curls, I use curlers.


I didn’t want anything drastic for my new haircut. Hence, I got rid of my out of shape a-line bob and went for a simple bob. So happy to finally NOT have a fringe. I love this length as it’s light and bouncy and simple enough to maintain. It should last me a couple of months before I get another grooming session before the baby arrives. Although I’ve just had my haircut yesterday, I’m already think of leaving Bao with Daniel (after being fed!) when he arrives so I can get haircuts. Matsunaga is quite tiny so I cannot imagine having Daniel wait around in the salon with a possibly crying baby.


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