36 Grad Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, Frankfurt

Winter has been kind to us thus far. Nothing below 0 degrees centigrade and no snow. Yay!!! I can put up with temperatures between 0-10 degrees Cels for the next couple of months till Spring arrives. Hope I’m not going to jinx the weather!

Since it has been pretty mild compared to last year and I was eager to make full use of whatever energy I have in my second trimester to get some exercise, we walked to Schweizer Straße for lunch on Thursday. 36 Grad is located near the roundabout (or whatever it’s called in Germany). I’ve been wanting to try it out since a year ago but I never fail to walk pass it each time. Perhaps it was the new year hence I felt a strong urge to try a new place out.


Thankfully we had enough cash on us because this place doesn’t accept “plastic money”.

Unlike the usual 2013 me who woke up at 7am almost everyday for breakfast, I woke up at 830am to find the hidden key on Luigi’s Mansion 2 on our new Nintendo 3DS. I ended up having two breakfasts – one at home and another at 36 Grad.

My delicious plate of 36 Grad Mainhattan consisting of nicely seasoned scrambled eggs, Nürnberger sausages, bacon and sliced bread for 7,80 €.


The sausages won me over. I want to know if I can get them in the supermarkets because they taste simply amazing. I researched a little and found out that they are actually Bavarian sausages! My favourite sausages so far are Cumberland sausages, chipolatas and all the different flavoursome ones you can get from Waitrose in the UK. On the hunt for Nürnberger sausages now!


I ordered myself a warm cup of white hot chocolate to go with my second breakfast since I’m on a “limited caffeine consumption diet”. It was rich and not too sweet – pretty much my cup of hot chocolate on a drizzly day.

The interior was nicely done up and customers can either choose to sit at the table or find a cosy sofa. Unfortunately for us, we were in a rush for an appointment and were unable to spend a longer time at the cafe. However as their menu is rather extensive, we know we’ll be back to savour other potential goodies!


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