Baby Shopping in Frankfurt

Note: Hopefully this post will be useful for parents-to-be expats (particularly British expats) who are looking to buy baby products in Frankfurt and from online retailers.

It’s true that the second trimester feels heavenly – most of the time. Apart from the occasional aches, I’m feeling a lot more energetic. Hence, I’m making full use of my time to work whenever possible and also getting Bao’s necessities together.

On Saturday we visited Schwab’s Baby Centre in Frankfurt to check out some buggies. Given the number of prams/strollers/buggies/travel system on the market, it is no wonder many new parents are overwhelmed with what to get. If we could put a price tag on babies, we know they’re expensive to raise. Just look at the number of things they need OR RATHER, what retailers WANT parents to think WE NEED. Don’t get me wrong – we love our son to bits and he’s priceless to me (already!). I would love to get him everything colourful and cute out on the market but let’s face it, it won’t be sustainable.

Photo 11-01-2014 11 16 00
Schwab’s Baby Centre – Doesn’t it look like a factory on the outside?

I researched on Toytown Germany and was informed that this is the “biggest” place to go in Frankfurt to look for baby stuff. Was I impressed? Let’s put it this way – it’s a lot bigger than Baby Walz at Konstablewache but still small by British or Singapore standards. The ground floor had car seats, little bikes and some swings but the first impression I got was, “Is this a warehouse?” I didn’t look further there as I wasn’t looking for a car seat in particular and headed up to the first floor to check the prams out.

Photo 11-01-2014 11 24 56

There were another 2 rows of prams in the store which I didn’t include in my photos. By that point, I was boiling hot in the shop. A lady spoke very English but the rest didn’t so I recommend that you do prior research as to what you’re looking for before visiting the centre. We were interested in the Quinny Zapp Xtra 2014 buggy but they weren’t in stock yet. What I did realise is Schwab’s prices tend to be higher than Baby Walz, Baby Artikel and Therefore, make sure you’ve checked prices out at different stores before making your purchase if you’re price conscious!

Note: Amazon isn’t always the cheapest. I just bought a load of stuff off Baby Artikel and will update the blog when I receive the items.

I don’t think there’s a physical store for Baby Artikel but if you’re keen to check out products before buying, visit Baby Walz in town or Schwab’s Baby Centre. The frustrating thing about Baby Walz is some of their prams are placed on a shelf which makes it difficult for me to try them out when I’m shopping alone. I’m sure the sales staff are happy to help but they always seem too busy.

Photo 11-01-2014 13 58 26

Photo 11-01-2014 13 58 43

They also had clothes in-store at Schwab’s. We ended up buying 2 bodysuits. If you’re happy to spend a bit more on clothes or would like to buy something nice as a gift, they do have a good range there.

British Online Shopping

Unless you’re totally satisfied with the quality of Primark baby clothes (I was told they shrink quite a bit so best to buy a size up?) in town, there are many British retailers who ship to Germany. I really like babywear from Next and Debenhams which ship to Germany for 4,95 euros and £7 respectively. If you’re buying in bulk, shipping cost isn’t that much. Marks and Spencer does really great deals too; unfortunately their EU site does not carry the same merchandise. Mothercare UK also ships to Germany but what puts me off buying from them is that shipping not only costs £10 but also £1 per kilogram! What I like about these British retailers is that they often sell multipacks of awesome quality at great value. And if your baby is a fashionista, he/she will probably like the designs from these retailers too.

If there are any mummies and daddies in Germany who have tips on where to get great deals, please feel free to comment. I would love to pick up some tips too!


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