First Letter to Theo

Photo 19-12-2013 11 22 55
Our little boy at 19 weeks (19th Dec 2013)

Dear Theo,

Mama’s extremely proud of you for coping so well. As of today, it has been 6 weeks since we last saw you on-screen. It feels like forever to us, especially for papa who’s still unable to feel your little tickles in me. As you and I are connected physically, I let papa know that you love him too on a daily basis. You’ve probably heard his voice by now (at 24 weeks) and know that you have an amazing papa to meet. If you can hear the piano in the evenings and weekends, that’s papa playing Bach and Mozart for you.

Whenever I look at your 19-weeks old photo, I wonder to myself what sort of personality you’ll have. You look a little camera-shy, don’t you agree? Or is it because you’re not quite the morning person, just like papa? Or are you being a cheeky monkey hiding in mama?

We’re always very nervous before a scan. The moment you appear on screen, mama and papa start looking out for your heartbeat. We are no experts, but we now know where to look for your pulsating heart. You never fail to bring a smile to our faces when you move your little arms and legs on screen.

Last week you were supposed to have an anomaly scan. However we couldn’t get a good view of you as you were curled up into a ball, snugged tightly into my left pelvic. The doctor sent mama to see an ultrasound specialist. We hope you’ll be more relaxed this Friday for the scan. Give us a wave to say hi if you’d like.

Mama has found a midwife who will visit you when you’re home from the hospital. She seems really friendly, soft-spoken and patient. I’m confident that your well-being will be taken good care of. Mama and papa will have lots to learn from her when you arrive. We’re all looking forward to get to know you.

Mama’s relieved to feel your tickles more each day. I was told that it’s fairly normal to not expect anything regular till a few weeks’ time. Sometimes I burst out laughing in the kitchen while taking a drink because you tickled me. I hope you’re not too traumatised by mama’s eccentric, high-pitched laughter.

We hope you keep growing stronger and bigger each day. You’re our favourite little man.

Lots of cuddles & kisses,



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