My Book of the Year 2013: Gone Girl


First world problem: 2013 was a difficult reading year for me. Most of the books I bought barely captivated me. Some were a waste of time and at times, I was far too easily distracted by Candy Crush. I’ve packed away the not so interesting ones in the basement and decided to give the rest another try in 2014.

Having said that, I found a really good book towards the end of 2013 – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. If there’s any genre that attracts me, it would be crime thrillers. I came across it after Michelle recommended it on her blog.

Gone Girl is a psychological thriller written in a diary style. Each chapter is like a diary entry either by Nick Dunne (the husband) or Amy Dunne (the wife). I was expecting some sort of man beats wife and then murders her boring drama, but I was so wrong. Gone Girl is a page-turner that lures readers (at least me!) into its plot.

Just when you think you’ve nailed it, the story takes upon a twist that had me screaming out loud “NO WAY!!!”, startling my puzzled husband. It made me think of the extremities people might be capable of when relationships sour (even if this is fiction) – I mean, just watch how pathetic the news is these days.

The narrative is interesting (not one I’ve come acrossed before) however I’m not too sure if I would fall for the same style twice. It received 4 stars on Amazon UK based on more than 3300 reviews. However, readers have criticised its less than favourable ending. Personally, I finished the book in great disbelief. At first I was dumbfounded, and then there I was shouting on the sofa to my husband “WHAT?!?!?!” Not because the ending was a let down, but I just felt sorry for the characters. I felt miserable for them.

Definitely a great book to read (but you’ll need the patience at the beginning). It’s a psychological thriller after all, so be prepared to deal with misery and unlikable characters.


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