T-Style Bistro in Bockenheim, Frankfurt

Located in student-friendly Bockenheim, T-style Bistro is a quiet Japanese restaurant which serves dishes ranging from fresh sushi to deep fried chicken at affordable prices. A colleague recommended this little gem to Daniel and may I quote him, “The best Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt”. I simply adore Japanese food. I just can’t get enough of it and I’m really looking forward to having an awesome platter of sashimi this summer once Bao arrives.

While most Japanese restaurants in town will be bustling with the lunch time crowd, I was slightly taken aback at how quiet T-style was. I wasn’t sure if they served delicious food or was it because they aren’t that well-known in Frankfurt. The lunch time menu isn’t massive, which is a plus so I can decide faster, so I ordered a grilled salmon set lunch.


The set included a bowl of steaming hot Japanese rice and tasty miso soup which costs less than €10. It’s a really good deal! The serving portion is indeed smaller than what you would get at Fujiwara, and slightly less fanciful but it doesn’t lose out on taste. It has a home-cooked feel to it which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Daniel ordered Tonkatsu (pork fillet) which was also brilliant. I’m sorry for not taking a better picture. A group of Germans was staring at me as I snapped photos of my food! Got a bit self-conscious at that point. I stole a bite of the Tonkatsu (bad habit!) and it did bring back memories of the humble Tonkatsu shop at Hiyoshi (near the dormitory we lived at while at Keio in Tokyo).

I would definitely love to go back to T-style Bistro to try other dishes on their menu. Do pop down if you’re nearby!


One thought on “T-Style Bistro in Bockenheim, Frankfurt

  1. Tonkatsu & salmon look very good! I was the same when I was in Japan and taking photos of my foods. Some people gave a look, “Are you another blogger?”. It made me very self-conscious too… (^-^;)

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