Selective Hearing

There was once an advertisement in Singapore showing a Dad listening to his son’s tennis coach commenting on the boy’s (lack of) performance. The boy was rubbish at tennis and the coach has simply given up hope on him. However, all the Dad heard was nothing but how great his little boy was. He somehow managed to filter out the negative words used to describe his son.

I was reminded of that short Ad on Friday during my 24th week checkup with the specialist at the hospital.


Here’s a screenshot of our little boy. Some say he was giving a hi-five, I said he was Kung-fu fighting or trying to give us a slap for disturbing him. Whenever I see him on an ultrasound, I can’t help but feel amazed at how much we love this little person even though we’ve not met and know so little about.

Like any doctors, mine informed me of the need to monitor us regularly to make sure Bao gets sufficient nutrients and oxygen as we get along. Worst case scenario we’ll have to get an earlier C-section but we’ll work towards having a normal delivery. They also told me everything is fine as they are now and all they need to do is monitor us closely. Daniel walked away positively, happy that our little boy is doing great. On the contrary, cry baby mummy me panicked and resorted to worshipping Google, the online Devil.

I’m so glad Daniel was there with me at the appointment to pick up the positive things doctors mentioned. I should also consider myself fortunate for having a team of doctors who is taking great care of us. It wasn’t easy right from the start, but the German healthcare system hasn’t let us down in terms of their skills and efficiency so far.

Not much longer to go, so hang in there little man!!!


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