I miss the beach!

I was born and raised on a tiny island known as Singapore. It is surrounded by the sea. I lived in the western side of the country plagued by industrial fumes. My family complains a lot about the air quality there but it’s not like we could afford to move to the east. It takes approximately 40 minutes to drive from one end of the island to the other. So even though the east wasn’t my home, we did frequent it for East Coast Park (ECP).

ECP is a multi-functional park. You can swim in the sea, build sand castles, BBQ, camp with a license, roller-blade (be prepared to fall hard and painful!) or dine at one of the many seafood restaurants. There is also West Coast Park which I discovered wasn’t too bad a place to hang out 4 years ago. Daniel and I used to study at McDonald’s there and then take a walk around the park at the end of the day to unwind.

Cycling with my nieces and cousin
Join the kids who have no fear of heights!
Attempt to build sand castles

We love our beach holidays. When you live in a competitive, fast-paced society like Singapore, it can get suffocating. However, we’re lucky to be surrounded by neighbouring countries who have plenty of greenery to offer. One of my favourite holiday was to Langkawi, Malaysia, with Daniel. I don’t remember being as relaxed on other holidays as I was on that trip.




What was there to complain about if I could dine out at sea and watch the sun set? During the day we slept under an umbrella along the beach to ensure we don’t burn. The smell of sea water, the crashing sound of waves rolling in and soft golden sand (though very hot!) untangled those knots we had in our aching shoulders. With no wi-fi, emails to check and facebook statuses to update, it was no wonder how our minds relaxed and we simply enjoyed every moment together.


Game after game of fun pool in the evenings is what makes a good holiday for me too, even though I suck at it.


If you live in the UK, do you remember that very hot summer day we had in October 2011? That was when we took Franky, our second-hand Ford Fiesta, from Oxford to Portsmouth. I cannot tell you how much I love that city. A shopping mall, bowling alley, cinema etc all within walking distance from the sea. Simply love it! It was a rare, hot October day so you can imagine the entire town out by the sea getting whatever tan they can get before winter hits them hard.

I LOVE mini-golf too! It’s cuter than actual golf.

I’m happiest when I’m at a place near the beach or sea. The sea has such a calming effect on me. If it’s not too hot, I can sit on the beach and stare into the horizon. It makes me realise that it’s so vast, so wide.

Tintagel, Cornwall
Tintagel, Cornwall
St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

These aren’t any new photos, but they do make me want to visit a beach. I particularly like the patterns the waves have made on the sea bed which are exposed during low tides.

I’m looking forward to spending a day at the beach, whenever and wherever that may be. A simple day spent just listening to the sounds of waves, feeling the grainy sand (soft sand only please!) and most importantly, warmth on my skin.




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