Cafe Dulce, Frankfurt

Do you find yourself rushing from one place to another, or getting tasks done quickly without having a breather? We’re so quick to describe our days as busy. It seems like being NOT busy is a taboo. I once asked my lovely ex-boss if he was busy before addressing the issue I had in mind and his response was “No, people say they’re busy too easily”. You’d think you’ll never want to work with him, right? However his reasoning was he should never be too busy to hear what his subordinates have to say to him. This is when everyone should go “awwwwwww”.

At 25 weeks, I’m rushing everywhere to get as much done. Very soon fatigue will conquer me and I’ll be panicking. So I tend to pack all important appointments into a day forgetting that I have a bump to carry around which makes it hell a lot harder to literally run.

Therefore I made it a point to set aside 45minutes today to have a quiet drink at a cafe with a good read.


I ordered a glass of Hot Dry Chocolate from Dulce. It’s basically hot chocolate without sugar or cream. I thought it would be a good idea to stay off sugar (or have it in moderation) till I have my glucose test results back next week.

Dulce is probably highly commercialised in Frankfurt but they do really delicious ice-cream. If not for the sub-zero temperature we had today, I might have dug into my favourite banana flavoured ice-cream!

The hot chocolate was served with bitter chocolates on the side and cost €3,20. Not too bad, I reckon. I was alone so I had a good time savouring every drop of hot chocolate as I rekindled my love for my Kindle (Sorry!!! I know this is bad and very painful!)

It’s so important to take it slow and easy every now and then. I am happy being alone in a nice cafe as it gives me some quiet time to think through events in life. While I enjoy my iPhone and iPad, I do think I rely so much on them to be connected with others that I forget I need some “me time”. It can be liberating to just enjoy what I want to do without checking Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. Sometimes it’s nice to be “offline” and enjoy the simplicities, don’t you think?


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