Green Green Bowl of Dinner

Gone are the days when I would have fried bee hoon for breakfast, a hot soupy bowl of noodles for lunch and a plate of fragrant steamed white rice with 3 side dishes for dinner in Singapore. I’m not sure if it’s just ageing that’s slowing down my digestive system, being pregnant or a change in dietary habits (perhaps a combination?); I can no longer have 3 big meals or even average meals a day. When I consume too much carbs in the evening, I get terrible pains just under my rib cage and I swear it’s no fun to try and sleep through that hell.

Nowadays, I try to have my main meal in the day. It can be quite difficult because it means having to cook another main at dinner time for Daniel. However, we’re trying to make things simple for each other for the benefit of my comfort. Here’s an example of a bowl of salad we would have for dinner.


Lots of green leafy vegetables and diced peppers, cherry tomatoes, half an avocado, a small portion of potato salad (definitely need the carbs to grow a human in me!) and some meatballs. It’s boring to have this on a daily basis so I’ll need to think of swapping ingredients like using tuna instead of meatballs. I’ll just have to make a bigger portion for Daniel who doesn’t seem to put on any weight despite being a bottomless pit!

A meal like this at dinner time does wonders for me. I feel a lot more comfortable in the evenings, have less washing up to do and since it’s so packed with greens, I feel healthier too.

I’m by no means on a diet since it won’t be wise to do so now. However, I’m trying to get a balanced and healthy diet by having more vegetables and fruits. I could be popping myself with expensive vitamins, but getting nutrients from actual food is a good start I reckon.

I’m a weakling, really. You would think that all I have to do is serve a smaller portion of pasta for dinner to save me the trouble. Unfortunately, I know no boundaries when eating pasta. That’s why I had to think of lighter recipes for dinner.

The hunt for more sandwich and salad recipes continues…. If you have any tips on having a delicious and light dinner, please do let me know!


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