Lazy Friday Pasta Night

With only a small fridge and living in Frankfurt without a car means I have to go to the supermarket every two days. Although Rewe does do home deliveries, it just seems like a waste of €5 when the supermarket is just less than 5 minutes walk round the corner. In the past 21 months in Frankfurt, I’ve learnt to stock up on “essentials” for lazy days – ie. days when I don’t feel like having my food thrown by cashiers as they scan my shopping in a rushing fashion. They won’t even wait for you to finish packing before serving the next customer. So not cool with that.

With spaghetti in the dry food cupboard, some pesto in the fridge, unused mushrooms, pepper and sausages, I made us some sort of a dinner on a lazy Friday night in.


I’m thankful to have a working kitchen scale again to weigh the amount of pasta I cook. Without it I would rather cook more than too little. Going to bed hungry isn’t my cup of tea.

Since Christmas, we’ve been watching Big Bang Theory, an American sitcom, which features 5 geeky scientists and their girlfriends and wife.


We absolutely love this sitcom and look forward to watching it every evening on DVD. While I can understand why it may not be to everyone’s liking, I do enjoy the nerdy references the characters make. We’re in the second half of season 6 and I feel like I really know the characters inside out. That’s the thing with many of these American sitcoms I reckon – you grow to like the characters.

So yes, it’s a Friday night and all I did was eat pasta and watch a geeky sitcom. Sounds boring to many (perhaps?) but I enjoyed myself. At times, a quiet night in is all one needs.


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