Little Girl Lost – Book 1


(Source – Amazon UK)

One of the goals this year is to read as many great novels as possible. I used to read a lot as a child but somehow got distracted with other aspects of life. Now that I’m reading again I wonder what went wrong. Reading transports me to another world and lets my imagination run wild (in a good way!). When a page turner lands in my hands, I find it hard to let it go.

I read Little Girl Lost in January after seeing that it was highly rated on Amazon UK. Being a crime thriller fanatic (and please don’t tell me pregnant women shouldn’t be reading thrillers! Haha), this book sucked me right in the moment I started reading it.

I’m not planning on writing a review on it to spoil it for anyone who might be interested in reading this. Thrillers are great fun for me especially when they are well written because I love the mystery, the suspense and the highs and lows in each storyline. Unexpected twists are more than welcome, or is that an irony? The endings in thrillers may not be all peachy, in fact they are rather depressing at times, but so be it if that’s how the plot unfolds.

I’ve already started my next novel of the year which I’m enjoying thus far. It’s not so much about the stats, but keeping track of the number of books I’ll be reading in 2014 is probably a good way to ensure that my time is well spent (instead of collecting candies on the iPhone which I’m soooooo guilty of). Hopefully I’ll still be able to read novels and not just kiddy books when Theo comes along!


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