K’tie’s Café Frankfurt

K’tie’s is a French cafe located in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt. I’ve been wanting to visit it as I’ve read extremely positive reviews of it online and apparently they make their own cakes and quiche! Unlike the UK, regular supermarkets do not sell quiche here. Even if they do, it’s only Quiche Lorraine or Onion quiche; very limited choices available compared to Tescos or Marks and Spencer.

Recently, I realised that we tend to visit a new cafe on weekends to have breakfast at lunch time. It’s not exactly brunch since we’ve had breakfast at home. Although I wanted a quiche, I didn’t end up ordering one because I didn’t see it on the menu. Silly me was blind as it was written BIG enough on the signboard on the way in. So when the lady next to me ordered hers, I was well green with envy.

I ordered myself a French Breakfast set (€7) which consisted of a basket of sliced bread, a huge, fluffy and light croissant, two types of homemade jam (strawberry and apple flavour) and a hot drink of your choice (cuppacino for me).



The croissant was unbelievably light and delicious. If I wasn’t too full I might have ordered another piece for myself! The homemade jam had the right amount of sugar in it and I wondered to myself “why bother with supermarket ones?”


Daniel ordered buttery scrambled eggs with ham with slices of bread and salad on the side and a cuppacino too. He was very pleased with his brunch, apparently.

As we were there during lunch time it got a little too crowded for us in the room with the long table. Sitting in the middle section meant that it was difficult to have a conversation when groups of men and women didn’t bother lowering their voices as they speak in public. I actually enjoyed the atmosphere in the cafe more after people started to leave; not a fan of screaming over others in order to be heard. K’tie’s has another room with smaller tables but you’ll need to be early to get a table to yourself. Or else, be prepared to share.

Apart from food, the cafe also sells snacks, accessories, furniture, books and household items imported from France.



Being in the cafe is like being transported to France, I suppose. K’tie’s is unlike any other cafe in Frankfurt as it definitely tries to create a country-feel to it.

Here’s what attracted my attention when we paid at the till.




As it’s not too far a walk from home, I would love to visit at a quieter time to have a cup of coffee and a slice of their freshly baked cake. It seems to be a good way to spend a little time there with a good book.

Ahhhhh…. What a great way to spend a couple of hours in such a nice place that serves great food with Daniel on a Saturday afternoon! There are after all only that many weekends left where there are only two of us before the little man blows our minds away.


5 thoughts on “K’tie’s Café Frankfurt

  1. Tess

    All food is seasonal as well as jams. Always delicious. I am not sure if kties still do it but cakes and tartd used to also be available to order – perfect for a dinner party or kaffee und kuchen!

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