A Walk Along the River

The glittering sun rays were inviting me out for a walk along the Main. It has been ages since I last had a stroll down the river despite living only 10 minutes walk away. With the exception of icy cold winds, it was a long overdue walk.

As we approach the bridge from the south of Frankfurt towards hauptbahnhof, there is a statue of a dock worker not to be missed. He is probably the most fashionable statue in Frankfurt.


He now has a poncho with “No Lie No Spy” sewn on which I suppose is someone having a go at the US spying on Germany (and others). Political view points aside, the dock worker has also been seen in knitted pullovers and scarfs. I do wonder who’s responsible for his wardrobe.

As we crossed the river on the bridge, I noticed the stark difference in the clouds between the north and south of Frankfurt. The former was overcast in ominous, dark grey clouds in contrast to the sunny south.





The winds were so violently strong! I felt them pushing me in my back as I took those photos on the bridge with a very paranoid Daniel holding on to me in case I get blown over the rails and into the chilly (and dirty) Main.

Across the river and under the bridge, there’s a tiny skate park. Neither of us skate (gosh, I can hardly keep my balance these days!) however the vibrant colours of graffiti caught my attention.






Some people call them art (freedom of expression!) but to me it’s pure vandalism. You see them everywhere in Frankfurt – on residential homes, trains, on the streets, public property etc. It’s really a shame when a beautiful 19th century building gets spray painted in random gang tags, vulgarities or tasteless “art”. As I was judging those “art pieces”, Daniel brought to my attention of two dodgy men behind me and we left as quickly as we could. Drugs and alcohol? No thank you!

We went back on the main path along the river and found a group of very brave people canoeing in the cold. I suppose all the rowing warmed them up from within, however the sight of them on the river made me shiver. I can’t wait for Summer to be here!


On our way home, we realised the ghastly winds had blown the grey clouds over to the south. What a great time it was to use the dramatic mode on my Olympus XZ-1 to capture the shapes of the overhanging clouds! I’ve got to admit that even though the river is dirty, it’s nowhere near black as seen in the picture below; just greenish brown.


It was lovely heading out for a walk to take in some fresh air and relax our eyes (over subscribed to our iPhones, iPad and TV screens). The little exercise made me feel all energised and excited about Summer with our little one. To calm myself down, a hot cup of PG tips would be lovely.


2 thoughts on “A Walk Along the River

  1. Wasn’t it windy? It was the same in London and my hat was blown away in the gust! The hat rolled and rolled and nearly flatten by the oncoming traffic.
    Yes, graffiti does make look forlorn and I don’t like it either. Most of them have no artistic merit and a symbol of how run down the place is…

    1. Yes! I heard that it was really windy in England too! Was shocked to hear that Oxford (where my in-laws are) is still flooded. I agree with you about graffiti. It’s like everyone wants to be a Banksy!

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