Flowers for You?

One of the first things I told Daniel when we were dating was, “Don’t ever buy me flowers.” I’ve never wanted and would never want to be the sort of girl who gets pissed off with her husband for not spending 10x more on V-day on a bouquet of roses. Hence till date, I’ve not received any flowers from him and I’m as happy as a lark. Also, living in a city like Singapore meant that flowers are blooming all year round so why would I need more?

However Germany can be rather grey throughout winter and I have stopped appreciating snow (except the first snow of the year). Frankfurt is a great international city to live in and I love it, but you’ve got to admit that any nearby town/city is way prettier than this so-called Mainhattan with a less than impressive skyline. Nonetheless, I love this city for what it has to offer (non-aesthetically).


To brighten up what’s left of winter, I bought some fresh roses and hyacinths for our apartment. As much as I adore orchids more, my last two pots didn’t last long and I feel like I’m not Singaporean enough (orchid is our national flower). The roots were rotten when I bought them and even though I tried treating them with orchid food etc, they refuse to come back to life. So this year I thought I can’t possibly go too wrong with roses and hyacinths.



I placed them by the windows near the balcony so that they receive sufficient sunlight. As our living room walls are painted fresh white, the purple and orange tones do add some character to the otherwise slightly cold room.

Most importantly, instead of focusing on the gloomy skies, I now see two beautiful pots of flowers whenever I look out of the window. They put a smile on my face when I pretend that Spring’s here for me.

As the hyacinths bloom in full glory, the living room now has a sweet floral scent which soothes and calms our tired souls at the end of the day. Daniel thought I bought a really cool cleaning product (roll my eyes!!!).

I’m contemplating getting a couple of pots of flowers to put by the bedroom windows too so I don’t get too offended by the unsightly construction going on at my doorstep. Hmmm… Wondering what flowers would be nice…


2 thoughts on “Flowers for You?

  1. I am the same! Especially, I forbid Paul to buy me any roses on the Valentine’s Day because their price is hiked up and the quality is bad.
    The flowers look really lovely. The image inspires me to go to a florist! (^-^)

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