Amélie’s Wohnzimmer Café, Frankfurt

Amélie’s Wohnzimmer is a cosy café located near Lokalbahnhof in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt. Bookshelves of second-hand German books line the perimeter of the room which gives patrons the impression of a reading room cum café. We met up with a couple of friends for afternoon tea and cakes on a beautiful Sunday and were lucky to get ourselves a table.

Source: Amélie’s Wohnzimmer

They had an excellent selection of tempting looking cakes – lemon tarts, cheesecake, fruit tarts, rhubarb cake, chocolate cake etc. I ordered my a Marc de Champagne which had peaches in it and an outer layer coated in almond.


At first glance anyone would think that it’s a heavy cake given the amount of cream. However when I had my first bite, I was pleasantly surprised at its lightness. It’s definitely NOT the sort of cake that uses cheap cream that makes you feel sick from eating. The cake had the right amount of sweetness which meant that I easily finished it all by myself without my stomach churning by half-time. It wasn’t merely aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also tasted heavenly! €3,20 for such an exquisite slice of cake definitely is a reasonable amount to pay for.

I prefer having tea to coffee when having cakes. My friends and I noticed that people who ordered pots of tea had fancy, lady-like cups so we decided to have tea too. I went for a traditional pot of English Breakfast.


With all forms of retail therapy shut on Sundays in Germany, cafés are often bustling with people. I reckon the German ladies sat next to our table were amused at three ladies snapping away at their tea cups and cakes. My cup was made in Bavaria and I love the flower patterns on it. On the downside, I’m probably the least lady-like person as I desperately tried to gracefully take tiny sips from the cup.

My friends were astonished that after 2.5hours, I hadn’t finished my pot of tea. I’m a terribly slow drinker. I suppose I was savouring each bite of the scrumptious peach and almond cake whilst sipping my tea.

Daniel isn’t quite a dessert person unless it’s Cadbury chocolate so he didn’t order any cakes whatsoever. He did however order the Van Houten Hot Chocolate (much to my liking!!).


Rich and chocolatey, what more can you ask of a hot chocolate drink?


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