The Back Road – Book 2


An electrifying thriller written by Rachel Abbott, the prologue left me wanting to know more immediately. Set in a tiny village of Little Melham where everyone knows everyone, a terrible hit and run accident involving 14 year old Abbie has got everyone talking.

Initially, the book’s many characters left me slightly confused. However, as I carried on reading, I got to know them individually more; or so I thought. The plot revolves around trying to find out why Abbie was out in the fields at night alone and who the culprit was. However, what’s interesting is the dark secrets that surround this particular incident. The incident that makes everyone more defensive of the truths they hide (not necessarily the lies!).

Anonymous texts throughout the book upheld the suspense it needed and intrigues readers to plough deeper to seek the truth. The story meanders like a river thus making me feel like the plot is developing too slowly for my liking on impatient days, but once it reaches its peak, the actions (and truths) are well worth waiting for.

Finished 60% of the book in one night! That’s how intriguing it got! Now, on to the next book of a different genre, 12 Years a Slave.


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