Herkules isn’t THAT strong after all

When I started Chronicles of Yoyo, I wanted to share the positive side of things I see, do, taste, feel and hear in Germany. So if a restaurant was terrible, I don’t blog about it because I’ve only tried one of their many dishes. However today, I feel compelled to write about the astonishing unprofessionalism of Herkules, a removal company in Frankfurt. So expats living in Frankfurt, here’s one for you!


Daniel was dumbfounded when he looked out of our bedroom window this morning. There were broken pieces of wood and a huge double mattress lying on the pavement and grass. We knew someone in the apartment block was moving out but weren’t expecting to see the mess outside.

Then we heard some loud crashing noises and realised that someone living on the higher floor was throwing these pieces of furniture out of the window! The first thing I noticed was no one was supervising the area on the ground floor, and it definitely wasn’t sealed off as a temporary dumping ground.


Was that part of the bed that was thrown down? Daniel took this picture on his way to work to warn me to be careful should I leave the apartment block. As you can see, it was coming from the 2nd floor (or 3rd, depending on how you count the floors).

I wasn’t too fussed about the pavement looking unsightly since we have a construction site next to us that’s driving me mental. I was more concerned of the safety of people leaving and entering the apartment block. While most adults should have the ability to judge if an environment is safe, a child might not. My land lady’s 5 year old son loves watching the construction site. It’s like his daily trip to the zoo to see the different machineries. What if he had got excited and ran along the pavement as people were throwing wooden blocks down?

I know I’m imagining the worst possibility here, but this is reckless behaviour on the part of the removal company. I couldn’t bear the thought of a foreseeable accident happening at my doorstep so I decided to approach the removal men to complain.

It was at that exact moment that my neighbour who engaged their services got home (she left them to work and went to the supermarket). She was in as much shock as I was and told me that wasn’t normal, professional practice. It was nice of her to apologise and I accepted it (but it was no fault of hers anyway). I assumed she went back to her apartment to tell the guys to lift items down the stairs instead of chucking them out of the window because they stopped after she got home.

So fellow expats, if you live in an apartment block (with or without an elevator), please ensure that the removal company you engage works in a professional manner. Those guys are trained and fit to carry heavy furniture down flight of stairs, so there is no reason apart from taking the easy way out to chuck furniture out of the window. Especially if it’s an old furniture that needs to be disposed of. They can pull it apart in your apart and carry the pieces down. That’s their job and YOUR responsibility to ensure that they do not put others at risk.


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